Esperanza First Del Rio
Sunday, May 19, 2024
Blending Cultures in the Truth of God



 The arts are an expression of our emotions and of our creativity and they have the power to touch people and to change them in ways simple words can not. Many Christians feel that the arts are a thing of the world and that they should not partake in things like dance, music, and theater. However it has long been our dream here at Esperanza to see Christians get back into the arts; we believe that Christians should use their artistic gifts to put positive and Godly messages out into the world.  




TKD Ministries combine physical and spiritual disciplines. We teach our students how to care for and protect their bodies. We also recognize that we are temporal creatures and we must be ready to meet the Lord.



Music Ministries teach students the importance of integrity in their work. We teach our students how to improve their musical abilities as well as how to use them for the Lord.



 Dance Ministries teach students how to use all types of movement to honor God. Not only do we focus on the importance of strong technique but we also teach them how to practically use this art form in both worship and outreach settings.





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